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Submission Process

Step 1: Author will have to upload their paper online or e-mail to editor.


Step 2: Once a paper/manuscript is submitted, chief Editor is assigned the paper/manuscript to most appropriate Editor, to handle it based on the subject of the paper/manuscript and the availability of the Editors. If the Chief Editor determines that the paper/manuscript is not of sufficient quality to go through the normal review process or if the subject of the manuscript is not appropriate to the Journal/Conference scope, the Chief Editor rejects the paper/manuscript and notify to author .it is end of process.


Step 3: If the paper/manuscript accepted by Chief Editor it would be sent to reviewers for pear review.


Step 4: The reviewers submit their reports on the paper/manuscript and gives the status to the Chief Editor as follows:

[1] paper/Manuscript may be accepted.

[2] paper/Manuscript may be accepted with minor changes.

[3] paper/Manuscript may be accepted with major changes.

[4] paper/Manuscript may be rejected.


Step 5: Chief Editor will notify to author as per reviewer reports. If paper/Manuscript may accept, Chief Editor will notify to author via e-mail. If paper/Manuscript may accept with minor/major changes, Chief Editor will notifies to author via e-mail to for necessary correction as per reviewer report. If paper/Manuscript may reject, Chief Editor will notify to author and it is end of process.


Step 6: Author will resubmit paper/Manuscript as per reviewer report to Chief Editor.


Step 7: Chief Editor evaluate paper/Manuscript and will notify to author regarding to acceptance.


Step 8: Author will Send scan copy of the filled copy right form, Final paper copy in .doc or .docx format and receipt of publication charges and send to Chief Editor by online system.


Step 9: Chief Editor will send the final paper/manuscripts to Publisher to publish in the current issue.


Step 10: Publisher will publish the accepted final paper/manuscripts.


Step 11: Chief Editor gives the published paper/manuscripts information to the corresponding by E-Mail.


Changes in the papers:


No changes in paper will be accepted once the decision of acceptance is announced thru email to the communicating / corresponding author. So authors are requested to make all the corrections well prior to the decision of acceptance for paper publication announced to the authors / scholars.


Discrepancies in the paper:


Also if there is any discrepancy in the paper published in our journal (Example, could be due to manual error), this should be reported to us within 5 working days of the receipt of the hard copy of our journal in which the concerned author's paper is published. If it is so, A D Publication will take remedial action for such deviations / gaps. Any complaints issues received after 5 working days of the receipt of the hard copy of our journal will not be entertained for resolution.


Manuscript / Paper withdrawl:


Authors / Scholars are allowed to withdraw their paper(s) only within 2 weeks from the date of acceptance of paper. Acceptance notification will be sent to the authors through email. If there is an explicitly written withdrawal mail from the communicating author within 2 weeks from the date of acceptance of paper, the paper will be withdrawn from the publication process immediately. Otherwise Chief Editor and the Editorial Board will decide whether to publish / reject the paper. This policy is followed strictly to avoid multiple parallel publications in different journals.




Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement that it has been neither published nor submitted for publication, in whole or in part, either in a serial, professional journal or as a part in a book which is formally published and made available to the public. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in our journals, it must not be published in any periodical(s) elsewhere without the permission of the editorial board. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in our journals, it will be communicated to the author(s) who submitted the same through e-mail or telephone. Author(s) is/are expected to send the Copyright Transfer form within 10 working days from the date of acceptance of paper (Scanned copy of the Copyright Transfer form is accepted). If there is no communication (either positive or negative) from the concerned author(s), then it is upto the Chief Editor to have a final verdict w.r.t the publication status. It may either be sent to the publication unit for publication or be rejected.


Publication Charges:


There is a publication fee for all International Journals. A D Publication is a self supporting organization and does not receive funding from any private institutions and government. Hence, the operation of the journal is solely financed by the publication fees received from authors. Fee once paid will not be returned back under any circumstances. If authors choose not to publish after paying the money, then author can use that payment for their next research paper publication.

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